Q. Will I get a receipt for my payment?

Yes, we accept most major credit cards. When paying by credit card, you will receive an automated receipt at the time of your pick-up or if used for a deposit the receipt can be sent to you prior.

Q. How much can we expect to pay for wedding transportation?

Most people spend about 1-4% of their total wedding budget on their transportation. Transportation is often overlooked until the last minute, but is often one of the most critical elements of your wedding.

Q. Will we get a written contract for our transportation services?

Yes, we use contracts for all of our services. Once service has been contracted, we can mail, fax or email one to you. Having a contract in place assures you that you will get the exact vehicle you have reserved including color, size, number of hours, locations, times and of course charges.

Q. What is the typical gratuity?

Gratuity for the chauffeurs is calculated at 15-20% of the total charge. We choose to add in the gratuity with your charge so that it eliminates errors or miscommunication.

Q. Why is there always a 3-hour minimum on certain vehicles?

Many people are under the assumption that limousines are booked in the same way as taxis are. When a limousine goes out on a job, that limousine has already been serviced and cleaned for your event. Detailing a limousine before an event is a very time-consuming, labor intensive, meticulous task.

Q. How does your pricing compare with other party bus services?

We do not post pricing on our website because our prices are dependent on locations, destinations, travel distance, seasons, days of the week, and availability.

Q. What is the advantage of using your company for transportation services?

A receipt will be presented at the conclusion of your service or can be emailed or mailed to your address on file upon request.